Fall Cleanse and Core Connection

Howdy all. I have been quiet lately as I engaged in some contract work as a Labor and Delivery Nurse at Denver Health. It has been an experience full of learning, teaching and affirmation of my work at Little Tree. So much to process and I will share more soon. But in the meantime, I wanted to let you know about upcoming offerings at Little Tree.

First, is the seasonal cleanse I do each Fall and Spring. If you have never done this, or would like to do it again with a supportive group, join me in October for a reset that is healing to the gut, reduces inflammation and is so much fun. You can get more details here.

Second, for you birth workers out there, come to Core Connection, the foundational class for Little Tree’s training program. This is the work that was affirmed during my time at Denver Health. After nearly three decades of engaging in supporting people through pregnancy, labor and birthing, I am teaching birth workers how to connect deeply, access intuition and maintain wellness. More details here.

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