Fall Cleanse

How do we get to a place where healthy self-care practices become a regular part of our lives?  Is there a way to do this with kindness toward ourselves and our bodies?  At Little Tree, we have come to find that true, lasting wellness comes through gradual shifting away from habits and patterns that don’t support health, and incorporating those that do.  We seek out opportunities to increase awareness around negative patterns and their impacts, while also experiencing the benefits of positive self care.  One way we do this, is through taking a pause from our autopilot way of being and spending a short time engaging in mindful, seasonal cleanses.

Our cleanses are not like the many cleanses out there that are quite intense on our systems, like juice fasting.  While there may be a time for this intensity, our approach is gentle and includes soothing foods that support our body’s innate capacity to detoxify.  The approach we draw from has thousands of years of history and comes from Ayurvedic medicine.  This approach is kind to the system and includes self-care practices that tap into our innate capacities for healing.

In this cleans you will get instruction for and be guided through the three phases:

  • Elimination of burdensome foods and habits
  • Cleansing
  • Mindful reintroduction (or continued elimination)

We will meet on 3 Sundays in October.  Over the course of our time together you will receive:

  • Mindfulness instruction and practice.
  • A step by step guide through the three weeks, including recipes.
  • A shared meal and tea, including Kitchari, the nourishing, gently detoxifying staple meal of the cleanse.
  • Instruction and practice of various self care practices.
  • Several handouts, recipes and a massage oil.

Discounted pricing on self care tools and food ingredients for your cleanse.

If you have questions about our cleanse, please email awallace@littletreemidwife.com.

  • Oct 6  5-7pm
  • Oct 13  5-7pm
  • Oct 20  5-7pm

Cost: $120. Register by October 4.

You can make payment via Paypal: awallace@littletreemidwife.com or send a check to 3760 Vance St. Suite 101, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033.

“I loved the Fall Cleanse with Amy! I signed up to get more in touch with my body through the nurturing ways of Ayurveda, specifically related to food and I left with so much more. The cleanse with Amy was an opportunity to look deeply into daily habits, not just at the food that we eat. We discussed, in depth through an Ayurvedic lense, sleep, our morning and evening routines/rituals (she gave lots of specific recommendations with clear directions to try), meal plans based on foods that are easy to digest (with recipes, cooking demos and shared meals during our time together) and she always brought in mindfulness and meditation practices, which we did together as a group. It felt like a safe space for the seasoned and for the beginner. She also had bulk food, herbs, supplements and other tools in stock for great prices, which made the prep and the experience of the cleanse so much easier. Willing to learn about yourself? Create supportive habits and understand your mind and body more? Then I highly recommend. Will absolutely be back for the Spring Cleanse!” – From a participant in our Fall 2018 Cleanse

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