Little Tree Mobile Clinic

The pandemic has touched each one of us in different ways.  In my work at Little Tree, I am seeing first hand the ways it is affecting how we receive health care.  Specific to the people I care for,  most pregnant people are getting care through telehealth with a few, very brief, in person visits.  After birth, people are self isolated with minimal to no in person contact with health care providers, friends or family.   For the newborn, I am hearing that families are afraid to go to the clinic, some are skipping care, others are getting care in parking lots.  People are putting off preventative annual exams.  All of this makes sense in our efforts to minimize the rapid spread of COVID19.  But, it is leaving people disconnected from their health care providers at a time when care and support can be so impactful.  I think we can find ways to do better.

Early on in the pandemic, I began thinking about what could be possible during this time of social distancing.  What first came to me has roots in an idea I had been percolating pre-pandemic and that is, providing care in people’s homes.  I was especially interested in minimizing extra work in the first few weeks after birth by eliminating out of the home visits to the pediatrician, lactation consultant and/or midwife/OB office.  I had been working through the details of providing  my type of care – connected, time and education based – in peoples’ homes.  With the pandemic going on, I tweaked the idea a bit and formulated the idea of a mobile clinic.  I will come to you for your visits.

For these visits, we will practice appropriate social distancing during the talking part of our visit, in your yard, another other outdoor location, or on telehealth when needed.  We will do this portion of your visit with an appropriate distance of 6 feet.  If you or your baby need to be examined or have blood drawn, I will put on personal protective equipment, you will put on a mask, and we will do that part of the visit in your yard as well.  If the weather is poor, you don’t have a yard, or you need privacy for your exam – like with a pelvic – we will do your physical examination in my mobile clinic – pictured below.

For people outside of my service area or wishing to come to me, starting in November, Little Tree Mobile Clinic will be parked at church in my neighborhood (Northwest Denver) where we can do your visit/s.  We can discuss specifics of location when you schedule an appointment.

I am in network with most major medical insurance plans.


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