Midwifery Roots

The foundation and strength of Little Tree comes from the roots.  We can’t provide the compassionate, connected care that takes place here, without this.  Over the years, Amy has honed her skills to provide this care and now she wants to guide others on a similar path.  A path of wellness, connection, compassion and vitality that can be brought into our lives and our work as birth workers.  This page provides information about services, training and mentorship programs we offer specifically tailored to the needs of birth workers.

 Birth Worker Wellness

A foundation of self care for the birth worker is step one.  We can’t support people in this work if we don’t have wellness ourselves.  The schedule of the work is challenging on our bodies.  The intensity of walking alongside people on this journey can be high.  We have developed a program that supports you.  Read more here.

Training Program (for any birth worker)

Being “with woman” through pregnancy, labor and birth, one of the most transformative times of life, is amazing, intense and important.  It is full of emotional, physical and developmental change.  Birth workers often have much of the “head” knowledge to provide this care.  But, the work of supporting a woman as she faces the joys and challenges is an art – and not one that most educational programs give much focus to.  At Little Tree, our passion is providing a model of care that is about connection and compassion.  A place where we don’t back away from a woman’s discomforts or challenges, but stand strong and grounded as we support her to walk through the journey, however difficult, with the knowledge that growth is often uncomfortable.  To do this, to be able to stay grounded as a woman is “hitting her wall”, takes study and practice of a different kind of knowledge. Read more here.

As my preceptor, Amy has helped me increase my level of confidence as a provider and hone my midwifery skills, all the while, still allowing me the space to discover my own path as a Midwife. She has provided me with constructive feedback to further my growth in a non-judgmental space, whilst being approachable to questions and encouraging my increased knowledge of integrative health care and best practices.

Amy has cultivated a great deal of wisdom along her path and has an abundance of admirable attributes.  Amy prioritizes self care for the client and provider and has exposed me to a wide range of practices that can be individualized to fit each person’s lifestyle. Lastly, she possesses a strong sense of herself, uncompromising of her midwifery values and the patients best interest.

I strive to care for women and their families with the same mind, body, and spirit approach that Amy has demonstrated to me throughout our time together. I feel confident that I have encountered a lifelong mentor that has added value to my life and career. – a student in Colorado

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